Friday, 2 October 2009

Newpaper Prototype Evaluation

For this newspaper prototype I studied the covers of a range of newspapers looking for the general conventions and created my own upon this. I included all the elements I felt were important; a big newspaper name with the date and price clearly nearby. The main story took up about two thirds of the page, but with only two collums and not to much writing, so that people are drawn to turn to the pages inside, especially from the large heading, subheading and photo. I tried to make the style of writing sound like a journalist’s article too with the language and grammar used.
The other things I included were typical of most newspapers I had looked at previously. I put in a competition to win a holiday, and advert I made for a film (‘The Package’-my short film) using a screen shot from the film and a quote. I also included a CD inside – Michael Jackson because it was relevant at the time, a greatest hits because he had just died.
Another part I added in was the fashion part, which is eyecatching and should make people turn inside as it grabs the attention. It brings another dimension to the newspaper by widening the audience using fashion.

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