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Radio Advert Script

[Bell rings]

“One town, one school, two completely different individuals.”

“Separated by class, separated by money, but not for long.”

[Car screech]


“When two paths cross”

“A Mace Productions Film starring Matthew Pettifer and Andrew York.”


(Recorded ourselves into a mic and straight onto the Mac.
Edited using Garage Band.)

The advert starts with a bell ringing to alarmingly draw the attention of the listener’s. It also establishes that it is based in a school around school children, being specific for its target audience.

The copy write gives the listener's an insight into the story without unfolding the whole narrative. It hints at the themes; social class. The voice speaks in a deep, clear voice but very slowly building suspense and raising a sense of curiosity as to the storyline.

The car screech is designed to strike the listener’s attention just before the title of the film is said...“Collision!”. This could help the audience to remember the film’s title and therefore increase it’s popularity. The sound just before suggests that the ‘collision’ is to do with the car accident in which the two meet, however the line afterwards; “when two paths cross”, suggests a deeper meaning to the term ‘collision’. It considers their whole different world’s (in the sense of social class) colliding as they learn more about each other afterwards, not just a physical collision.

The advert ends with the typical Producer and Actors names to promote the film.

Song choice - Rebellion (Lies) Arcade Fire
This song doesn't have any words at the beginning so we looped this to make sure the copy write is key, without any other words confusing it in the background. It has a strong beat which gradually builds up and creates a sense of positivity with an uplifting feel. I feel it gives off emotions of hope, that there is more to the world that you realise. Even though you may not have every designer item you wish or be able to afford to go out every weekend, it doesn't have to determine your friendship group and whole social life.